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     A. New investment fund issues - Germany

     A. New investment fund issues - International

     B.1 Announcement of income

        (Update version 24.06.2014: Issuer Information E 01/2014)
        (For income paid after 31 December 2011)

    B.2 Announcement of income

        (version 28.06.2017: Issuer Information E 02/2017)
        (For income paid after 31 December 2017)

     B.3 AStG-Reporting

     C. Fund prices

     D. Debt securities / TIS ratio (EUSD)

     E. Mergers

     E.2 Mergers in connection with Durable Medium

     E.3 Mergers as from 01.01.2018

     F. Risk weighting calculated pursuant to Basel II

     G. UCITS IV


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