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These FAQs serve as a first reference for questions about characteristic representations in the WM database and country-specific practices, e.g. in the settlement of company events.
A look at the FAQs can help to avoid inquiries via our Jira Service Desk. The FAQs provide new employees with basic knowledge and can be used for internal training purposes in your companies. In this way, we support you in optimizing processes, avoiding unnecessary efforts and thus saving costs.
The FAQs will be adjusted from time to time. We will inform you in a WM Customer Information issue as soon as a new FAQ version is available.
Please note that the current version is the basis for our Jira Service Desk when dealing with customer inquiries.

1.0 Contact via the Service Desk

How do I make a request to the Service Desk?

What kind of requests can I submit to the Service Desk?

What kind of requests are rejected by the Service Desk?

Who can I contact if I have questions about the EDDy_neu project?

1.1 Information on data fields

How do I receive information and explanations about individual data fields?

1.2 Integration of new issues

How are (new) issues integrated into the WM database?

2.0 General information on financial instruments

2.1 Active or inactive status of financial instruments

How do I recognise if a financial instrument is on active or inactive status?

2.2 Depiction of selling restrictions

Are selling restrictions for financial instruments represented in the WM database?

2.3 Capitals

What are the particularities in fields GV641 and GV642?

What are the particularities in field GD643A?

Does the WM database contain a double voting right for French shares?

2.4 Classification of Financial Instruments (CFI)

How do the fields GD685G and GD685H differ from each other?

3.0 Information on specific asset classes


What are the data entry steps for the issue of Prime Fidelite shares in France?

What are the data entry steps for the issue of B and/or C shares within the scope of dividend payments in the UK?

How is data maintenance handled for the issue of contingent value rights + escrow shares?

When does Australia issue and/or number deferred settlement shares?

How are parallel trading shares deactivated in Hong Kong?

How does Switzerland effect dividend + return of capital payments?

How does Greece represent subsequent adjustments to withholding tax rates by WM?

How is a capital increase without trading represented for Anglo-Saxon country areas?

Which fields are relevant for dividend payments with the option to choose the currency?

How are data of events without event data delivered?

3.2 Bonds (including bond-like securities and certificates)

How are enquiries about the ISSUE DATE/BEGINNING OF TERM (GD660), BEGINNING OF INTEREST PAYMENT PERIOD OR DIVIDEND ENTITLEMENT (GD322) and LAST REDEMPTION DATE (GD910) processed by the Service Desk before the issue starts?

How can I find out about the status of insolvency and the suspension of interest payments?

When does a security receive an inactive status due to expiry/maturity being reached?

How are subordinated securities depicted in the WM database?

How are the historical interest rates displayed in the WM data?

Is there an issue price for securities newly issued through an exchange?

How are instruments with prolongation option depicted?

How can I see if a security is quoted in percent or in units?

How can I recognize a flat quotation in the WM data?

Which topics must be sent to which email addresses?

How is accrued interest depicted in the case of repurchase offers, exchange offers, etc.?


When is a request for new or adjusted repurchase/exchange offers, etc. depicted?

Is the ex-date for settlement of repurchase/exchange offers via technical issue populated?

How are repurchase/exchange offers with multiple deadlines represented?

How to interpret deviating information in COMPENSATION/PAYMENT AMOUNT (UD014B) or blank values?

How to deal with requests on offers that relate to several issues?

What happens if identical topics of your company are placed several times?

When is an enquiry on final maturities, partial repayments, terminations, etc. provided?

What should be taken in consideration with regard to confirmation requests concerning repayments?

Which is the preferred format for the delivery of repayment results?

When are instruments marked as “non-performing”?

When is the issue price for US government bonds published?

When are covered bonds indicated as being compliant with Art. 129 CRR (GD970i)?

When is the record date indicated in the income data?

3.3 Funds

How does WM represent the smallest transferable unit (GD455A)?

Why is a different issue date depicted under certain circumstances?

When are exchange ratios maintained within the scope of mergers?

What is the preferred format for fund requests in the case of several share classes?

What is the procedure for ISINs that are classified as confidential by the responsible National Numbering Agency (NNA)?

Which meaning do the currency fields GD170 and GD172 have for investment funds with several unit classes?

3.3.1 Preliminary lump sum

For which financial instruments does WM Datenservice determine a preliminary lump sum?

What data is used to determine the preliminary lump sum?

Are preliminary lump sums levied in the case of negative base rates?

Are preliminary lump sums levied if there is no increase in value?

How is the base yield determined as part of the calculation of the preliminary lump sum?

How is the preliminary lump sum determined?

Which prices are used to determine the preliminary lump sum?

How is currency converted for investment funds in foreign currencies (not euros)?

How are distributions to be taken into account accrued?

How are preliminary lump sums taken into account when investment funds are sold?

In which fields are the determined preliminary lump sums provided?

Why are preliminary lump sums provided on a monthly basis?

Are there any particularities for funds launched during the year?

Are partial exemptions taken into account when the preliminary lump sums are delivered?

When is the preliminary lump sum delivered?

Why is the day of interest flow in ED060 populated with the first working day of a year?

How are so-called "zero reports" identified?

How are preliminary lump sums delivered if no rates are available for determination?

Why are accumulated values delivered?

Are preliminary lump sums also provided for investment funds that are in liquidation pursuant to section 17 of the German Investment Tax Act (InvStG)?

Which effects do fund mergers pursuant to section 23 of the German Investment Tax Act (InvStG) have on the calculation of preliminary lump sums?

When are corrections of preliminary lump sums provided?

Why are corrections of preliminary lump sums delivered on fixed dates?

For what reasons are preliminary lump sums corrected?

In which Special Information issues was the topic of "preliminary lump sums" explained?

4.0 Provision and determination of prices and WM prices

When are low prices (lowest daily trading prices) of German and International stock exchanges available?

For which financial instruments does WM provide prices?

Which prices are determined for corporate actions?

For which funds does WM provide investment fund prices?

When are prices published by the capital management company that are not valued on a daily basis?

5.0 Provision of rating data

Which rating data does WM Datenservice provide?

Do multi-issuers receive a rating?

What can cause deletions of rating data?

6.0 Provision of company affiliations

How is the company affiliation represented in the WM fields MVW646/GV646 (COMPANY AFFILIATIONS) if the group parents are not included as issuers in the WM database?

Are newly launched issuers without group affiliation checked again after initial creation?

Which company affiliation is given to special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and multi-issuers in MVW646/GV646?

How are company affiliations of funds depicted?

How are company affiliations of public issuers depicted?

7. Provision of VAG funds (VAG)

Why is a specific WKN/ISIN not contained in the data delivery?

Why is the field GD446G and/or GD446H not populated for a specific bond?

What information do I have to provide for VAG data requests?

8. Provision of fields in the products for investment and risk management (A+R) (”R fields“)

Why are there different populations in RV001 and GD135?

How is the field RD003 determined?

9. Classification of the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (“LCR data“)

How is the LCR data populated?

Can an institution's own LCR classifications be submitted to WM for the representation in the WM database?

10. Custody

What are the requirements for a population in GD430A (BIC OF THE COUNTRY OF DEPOSIT CBL)?

Does WM depict dual custody of instruments?