Fund Reporting Service


Within the scope of its Fund Reporting Service, WM Datenservice offers investment fund companies know how and services geared to improving the competitiveness and sales of their products.


Our Fund Reporting Service creates:

1. Product transparency

Timely data availability in the market to support fund distribution, and investment fund transparency for investors as per the European Fund Processing Passport (EFPP)

2. Market transparency

Transparency in the market vis a vis financial institutions - transaction and custodian banks in particular - for optimal Straight Through Processing

3. Tax transparency

Establishment of tax transparency based on regulatory demands

4. Transparency for issuers

Own issue monitoring within the scope of our Issuer Service



Both the German and foreign fund industries are adjusting to the new environment brought about by the Investment Tax Law (InvStG), capital investment companies being subject to regulatory demands and reporting obligations vis a vis distribution and transaction banks as well as investors.

Distribution and transaction banks are making new demands on investment companies in respect of transparency, cost control, and quality:

  • Avoidance of amendments, supplements and corrections through complete and conclusive fund data disclosure
  • Timely provision of data; at least two days before the event in question
  • Reporting on the basis of standardised WM templates

Income statements and individual/annual tax certificates are produced on the basis of the disclosed data. Delayed or inaccurate reporting requires certificates to reprinted, entailing substantial costs and a loss of confidence on the part of investors. In addition to performance, the fulfilment of market and regulatory demands is essential to lasting sales success in Germany.

As a recognized Central Access Point (CAP) for the provision of referential data, WM Datenservice has been mandated by the financial market to optimise tax reporting by domestic and foreign fund companies.

In its role as a CAP, WM Datenservice serves as the interface between the information provided by the fund industry and the data demanded by regulatory authorities and markets. The Fund Reporting Service ensures the completeness of the disclosed content as well as its availability in a form suitable to optimised processing.

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