Brief overview of all online products


As the interface to our database, WM-DatenOnline provides timely access to financial information, with convenient monitoring and user friendly handling.


Hot-List XXL

  • Master and corporate actions data profiles on an intraday basis
  • In detail: Income and master data, corporate actions, exchanges, drawings and callings
  • Information alignment with the Clearstream Banking PROPRIS feed
  • Supplementary information (Amendments, deadlines, postings, etc.)



WM-Xpress: Hot-List

  • Important information disclosed and/or effective at short notice
  • Divided into Hot-List CorpAct and Hot-List Börsenhandel (trading)
  • Individually definable e-mail push service with daily or hourly updates 

WM-Xpress: Emissions-Kalender

  • Pre-advices of upcoming new issues
  • Downloadable in XML or CSV format

WM-Xpress: HV-Kalender

  • Latest information on AGMs, predominantly of German companies
  • Twelve month time frame with basic information on AGMs
  • Downloadable in CSV format
  • Access to Börsen-Zeitung reports, including search/selection functionality









All available WM journals, including tables of contents, can be read online in PDF. They contain current and historical information on master data, dividends and interest payments, annual general meetings, corporate actions, stopped securities, new issues, and much more. The comprehensive search functionality facilitates finding individual events within the totality of data. WM-HefteOnline are an indispensable working aid and reference source.



The Börsen-Zeitung pricing supplement annotations (BZ-Erläuterungen) contain detailed, issue specific information on all domestic and foreign shares, fixed income securities, warrants and other financial instruments traded on German stock exchanges.


Risk Essential

Covers the most important regulatory obligations relating to risk management and all data required for capital adequacy calculations pursuant to the Solvency, Banking and Capital Adequacy Directives.



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