Data types, functionalities and profiles


Master data

  • Basic master data
  • Risk, reporting and ratings
  • New issues

Corporate actions

  • Income data 
    (distributions, dividends, interest)
  • Corporate actions
  • AGM data

Valuation prices
and tax data

  • Valuation prices
  • Flat rate tax details
  • EU Savings Tax Directive

Special topics

  • Reporting obligations
  • Market information


(Possible further modules upon request)


The following functionalities are covered



  • Online querying

  • Filter functionality


  • Own issues (dynamic)

  • Individual portfolios

E-mail push services
(Delta data delivery)

  • Selected master data

  • New issues

  • Corporate actions
  • Cash flows (income and other distributions)

  • AGM information


Profile overview


Master Data

  • for identification

  • for classification

  • for trading and settlement

  • relevant to taxation

Risk & Reporting

  • Master and corporate actions data

  • Management/consulting

  • Risk management/reporting

  • Creditworthiness/ratings

Prices & Taxation

  • Uniform valuation prices determined daily, including

    • calculated bond prices

    • investment fund and issuer prices

  • Data and information on the flat rate tax and the EU Savings Tax Directive

Event Calendar

  • Standardised information on corporate actions, including exchanges/conversions and income

Corporate Actions

  • Preadvices and process data on corporate actions as per the ISSA Standard, supplemented by specific WM data fields 

General Meetings

  • Standardised profile of general meeting fields, including AGM dates 

EU Savings Tax Directive

  • Field outline for the implementation of the EU Savings Tax Directive 2003/48/EC

§9 BaFin Reporting

  • Information on reporting obligations pursuant to Section 9 of the German Securities Trading Act in respect of German open markets (MTF) (GD663D)

E-mail Push Service
(Own Issues)

  • Issuer specific watchlist for own issue monitoring

E-mail Push Service
(New Issues)

  • Initial information on new issues via push service
  • Delivery by e-mail in XLS (Excel) or XML format 

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