AGM dates, initial information and latest amendments

WM-Xpress provides initial information on new issues, short notice amendments to financial instruments, as well as the latest general meeting dates of German companies. This product, which is expanded as necessary, currently contains the following modules:


This AGM calendar contains information on shareholder meetings announced by German enterprises, from the name and WKN of the company in question to the reason for the meeting and its venue. The information is displayed in HTML form, or can be downloaded as a CSV file. Finding information on a particular company is easy using our alphabetical search feature.

Insofar as available, HV-Kalender also contains summaries of the latest economic news on the company published in the Börsen-Zeitung (Börsen-Zeitung Abstracts), as well as the WILink-Geschäftsberichteservice report.

To access HV-Kalender, you need an access code and a password. WM-DatenOnline subscribers may use this product free of charge. 


This new issue calendar provides information on fixed income securities in advance of the daily data deliveries, and is updated constantly. Directly upon completion, the information – supplemented by vital master data – is made available in the WM-DatenOnline modules. Aside from direct access, all Emissions-Kalender information can be downloaded in CSV and XML formats.

To access Emissions-Kalender, you need an access code and a password. WM-DatenOnline subscribers may use this product free of charge.


Hot-List contains information announced or effective at short notice, supplementary to the usual data deliveries. It is divided into Hot-List CorpAct (corporate actions) and Hot-List Börsenhandel (trading). Aside from direct access, Hot-List CorpAct is available by e-mail on an hourly or daily basis, while Hot-List Börsenhandel features an alphabetical sorting function facilitating the search for particular information.

Access to both Hot-List variants (including e-mail service) is free of charge to Master File (Data-Line) and WMS Feed (IT-Line) subscribers. WM-DatenOnline subscribers also have unrestricted access to Hot-List CorpAct and Hot-List Börsenhandel.

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