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All available WM journals can be read online in PDF form. They contain current and historical information on master data, dividends and interest payments, annual general meetings, corporate actions, stopped securities, new issues, and much more. The comprehensive search functionality facilitates finding individual events within the totality of data. WM-HefteOnline are an indispensable working aid and reference source.

WM-HefteOnline is divided into the following parts:


Part I

List of stopped securities

Part II

Information on German fixed income securities

Part IIa

New issue express service

Part IIb

List of called and drawn securities from 1 January 1991

Part III

Information on German shares, units, profit-sharing certificates, kuxes and warrants

Part III HV-Kalender

AGM calendar and dividend proposals, press conference calendar, AGM preview

Part Va

Information on foreign shares, units, warrants and similar securities

Part Vb

Information on foreign fixed income securities

Part AVT

Table of drawn securities (Allgemeine Verlosungstabelle)


The following alternatives, having different update times and functionalities, are available:


  • Daily updates

  • Issue related selection using the matching tool

  • Optional e-mail push service for stopped securities and new issues


  • Weekly updates

  • 1:1 depiction of the printed journals

  • Archive beginning January 2002

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