Ready for the flat rate tax 

The flat rate tax regime effective since 1 January 2009 has had a number of consequences for financial institutions and the data they process. Offering an integrated spectrum of securities data, WM Datenservice was tasked with the provision of adequate solutions to these new demands. In close cooperation with financial institutions, transaction banks and financial industry associations, standards and harmonized processes have been developed to aid in the processing, provision, and usage of the required data. 

Look for the regularly updated findings of the different study groups below. 


Minutes and presentations

Please note that these documents reflect the professional opinions of the financial industry representatives in the study groups on the flat rate tax. They are meant to facilitate a common understanding of the compilation and processing of the related data in the WM database.

Hence, the information contained in the documents represent no explanation, valuation or instruction on the fulfilment of tax obligations, nor can they serve as a substitute for tax consultation and verification prior to the use of the information for own purposes.

Although the documents are prepared with the utmost care, the topicality and completeness of the information contained therein are not warranted.